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General Medical Services  We provide General Medical Services to all our patients. This includes examination, investigations and referral to the hospital if appropriate. We also advice you on healthy living. We also support you to quite smoking.
Maternity Care  Provided you have confirmed your pregnancy with a pregnancy test (from the chemist or supermarket), there is no need to do another. Once confirmed kindly see your doctor fairly soon to ‘book’ your pregnancy, usually from week 6-12. Just request a normal appointment with the doctor of your choice. Most of our patients have their babies at Northwick Park Hospital. It is possible to refer you to Barnet, Royal Free or St Mary’s Hospital. They might not see you if you are a low risk pregnancy or outside their catchment area. For ‘low-risk’ pregnancies, there is also the choice of the Midwife-led Birth Centre at Edgware Community Hospital. We share maternity care of uncomplicated pregnancies with the local hospitals. Diabetics, Multiple Pregnancies, Blood Pressure Patients and others with complications are solely managed by the hospital. We aim all pregnant women to be see at the hospital at least by 12 weeks into their pregnancy. The pregnant women attend the hospital for scans and blood tests until they are 20-22 weeks after which they can be seen in the surgery. One of the doctors or the midwife will see the moment with her first pregnancy at 26 weeks. Others are seen in our surgery at 28, 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40 weeks.
Contraception  We provide general contraceptive advice to men and women. We can help you choose the best methods from a range including all the various combined pills, the progesterone only pill, injectable contraceptive, the coil (IUCD or Loop), condoms and natural methods. The IUCD will need a special appointment with a Doctor and must be fitted at the end of a menstrual period or in the few days after. It is best to discuss this with a doctor in advance to ensure that it is safe and suitable for you. Emergency contraception or ‘morning after pill’ is effective for up to 3 days after unprotected intercourse. It is more effective in the first 24 hours and it is better to contact us as early as possible. After that it may be possible to insert an IUCD (coil) to prevent pregnancy. All contraception is free of prescription charges under the NHS.
Child Health  You will be offered an appointment soon after your delivery. The baby is routinely checked at 6-8 weeks and the examination is carried out by a doctor. The health visitors will arrange with you to carry out further developmental checks at 8 months and 18 months. Your baby should have the first injection at 8 weeks. The full programme of childhood immunisations is carried out by our nurse, by pre-booked appointment. It is important for you to keep up the follow up appointments for the injections. BCG vaccination is usually done soon after birth or by the health visitor in the local clinic. They also deal with advice on weaning off breast milk and starting formula milk and solids. Except for the six week check by the doctor, all other routine checks are done by the health visitor.
Minor Surgical Procedures  Minor surgery means operations are carried out in surgeries within our federation. You may have a local anaesthetic to mask the pain.

We offer joint injections in the surgery.

Travel Advice & Vaccinations  If you require any vaccinations relating to foreign travel you are requested to make an appointment with the practice nurse to discuss your travel arrangements. It is important to make this initial appointment as early as possible. Some vaccinations need two injections at an interval of 4 weeks. Your second appointment needs to be at least 2 weeks before you travel to allow the vaccines to work. Some travel vaccines and Malaria prophylaxis are not available under the NHS. The Practice Nurse will be able to advise you during a consultation.
Private Patients  If you are not eligible for NHS treatment, you may consult us on a private patient basis. We can offer you advice, private prescriptions and investigations in the private sector. We can also offer you this service if you are a NHS patient who is not registered with us.


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Church Lane Surgery

Church Lane Surgery, 282 Church Lane, Kingsbury, London, NW9 8LU

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